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Jul 15, 2012 10:00am PDT
be determined . joining us now is two governors from two influential state. scott scott in florida and terry branstad. there is a set of new possible waivers by the federal government of work requirementsurped welfare reform . this would apire on the surface to be simply a case of the states getting more flexibility in how they administer the work requirements for receiving welfare benefits. governor scott, how do you see the waivers. some people say it is going to gut the law. >> unfortunately it is a huge step in the wrong direction . i was governor along with tommy thompson and governor engler in michigan. we worked with president clinton to get the welfare moved from entitlement program to a program that focused on job training and work. and we helped to move millions of people off of the welfare rolls boo permanent employment. we reduced the cost of medicare. we see this administration trying to get it. i think it is illegal because it is in the law . i don't think they have a right to waive it. tommy thompson is thinking about suing them over it it is absolutely wrong and a move in the
Jul 29, 2012 7:00am PDT
joins us live with what is happening now and how you can get around that race. >> reporter: 24,000 people have signed up for this case. you've got to keep in mind most don't come here alone. thousands of their friends and supporters have come to san francisco to watch the start of the san francisco marathon. that is the starting line behind us. there are several different groups running in waves. so right now we are between groups we are waiting for another group to start here. we got here at 5:30 this morning to watch the elite runners start the race. >> three, two, one, you're off. >> reporter: the 26-mile course takes marathoners from the embarcadero all the way across the golden gate bridge and back again through golden gate back. now before they got started we talked some of the elite runners the people at the front line of the race about why the san francisco marathon is considered one of the most challenging in the nation. >> there will be a few hills. it will probably be pretty hard. >> it looks hilly compared to a lot of them. >> reporter: now we will show you a live p
Jul 17, 2012 6:00pm PDT
wiring on poles. it was a similar tactic used last week in palo alto that disabled a public park. police don't expect the problem to go away. they point out a thief was arrested but told officers he planned to do it again. >> he was able to get more money for the copper that he was taking the metal he was taking that he would in a simple store robbery or mom and pop store. >> reporter: the worker who take precaution plan to do more. >> we probably have to be more concerned with working late hours and being alone with that much material with us. it's surprising that things have come to this, copper so valuable that people are killing to go to such extremes to get it. >> reporter: sunnyvale said its increased patrols and is asking the public to call if they see what appears to be work crews late at night. robert honda. >> copper theft hassin creased in the bay area as the price of copper has gone up. the market price for a pound of copper is now $3.46. just to show you a pound of recycled cans will get you 40- cents and you would have to 32 to make up that one pound. >> free street par
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3